Korczak Internationaal

"You will never understand children if you belittle their qualities"
(Janusz Korczak)

About Janusz Korczak, all over the world

In many countries, there are associations or foundations with the aim of spreading the ideas of Janusz Korczak. They collaborate in the IKA (International Korczak Association). The Janusz Korczak Foundation is a member of IKA. The links below will take you to the websites of a number of Korczak organizations elsewhere in the world. An International Korczak Conference is organized annually by one of the organizations.

IKA has its own Facebook. https://www.facebook.com/pg/IKAssociation/posts/

Poland : http://korczakowska.pl  en http://www.domdziecka-korczak.waw.pl

England : http://www.korczak.org.uk

Switserland : http://www.korczak.ch

Canada : http://www.januszkorczak.ca/

France : http://korczak-france.fr

Sweden : http://www.korczak.se

Germany : http://www.janusz-korczak.de/

Europäische Janusz Korczak Akademie München: http://www.ejka.org

BelgiumVlaanderen : https://korczakvlaanderen

Hongary : http://www.korczak.iweb.hu

USA :http://korczakusa.com

Brasil  http://www.projetoanchieta.org.br

Tunesia: atjanuszkorczak@gmail.com

Israel: http://www.korczak-israel.co.il

Japan: http://www.korczak-japan.org/

An extensive overview of contact addresses of Korczak associations in many countries can be found at:

http://www.korczak.org.uk (associations)



Korczak Digital Repository: https://korczak.ckc.uw.edu.pl

"Why are you depriving a child of a right that you use yourself, when you are already enormously privileged because of your age and your power? "
(Janusz Korczak)

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